Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Room (continued)

Ok, If you remember the pictures from the first entry. We have a very long (connected) desk. It goes from the window to the doow of our room. I put the fridge under the farthest nook (near the door) and the microwave above it on the corner of the desk. Of course, the food stuff in the cubes above it and then on the microwave cart..

The microwave cart is in this little nook between the wardrobe and the wall. It fits perfectly, the only problem is that there is a bar to hang stuff on (I can only assume jackets?) ... but we do have hooks hiding behind the door too.

Ok, so I think that where the chair is I will end up putting the TV (when I finally get it back from that darn BF). I think that having it by the wall (where the outlets are) is the best place for it, because I think that it would take up too much space on our desk (if it would even fit) and I don't want to block the window.

I hope that you approve of the set up! 
Miss you!

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