Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving In

Dearest Leah,
It was a hot and humid Sunday afternoon to move in on. I had the SUV packed and everything was heavy! Kristi and Michael helped me move my crap to the fourth floor into our modest room. When my eyes first absorbed the room, I was a little turned around from your drawing ... and then disappointed. The closet space is horrendous! What is Concordia thinking ... putting girls in dorms with next to no closet space! The prices we pay, we should get more!

(Right: All my crap. Below: Michael and Kristi - they were saints about helping me. I was crabby and sweaty!)

Getting settled in was a stressful matter, as I am sure you can guess from my personality type. (I am still moving some things around, and am totally unsure where to put the stuff Dan is bringing.) It was a long process, trying to figure out which clothing items to hang and which to put in the very tiny drawers.

I have you on the top bunk, just as planned, but the bed are really high. I mean, I nearly hit my head if I am not careful when I get in. But at least there is a lot of under bed storage? :p I am taking up most of the reachable shelf space. But have left your closet nearly completely alone (just the vacuum).
Tomorrow, I will do pick up stuff from Dan's house. It will be a process, but I will have this place cozy for you!.(I don't know if you can see them but the little heart lights are up on the wall.)

(Left: Our desk space. Right: My closet (just look how small and puny it is!)

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